Analecta Cyber Company Blog: Baltimore faces cyber attacks amid riots


Baltimore faces cyber attacks amid riots

A recent cyber attack coming in the midst of street riots shut down the city of Baltimore's website and came with threats of additional disruptions to the city government’s computer system. Analysts said government officials often are unprepared to respond to these attacks, which can create problems ranging from minor annoyances to major problems for citizens and business people interacting with local government. Such cyber activism can create website shutdowns lasting for short periods of time and larger problems including the leaking of sensitive or private information. Similar targeting of business website is also common. With this in mind, one local security company has offered to help the city secure its websites. The firm made note of the deficiencies it found, including out-of-date software. It’s now up to city officials to decide if they will accept the help offered or continue to be “protected” by the existing system which remained vulnerable to cyber attacks.

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