Analecta Cyber Company Blog: DC To Probe City Traffic Lights After Man Hacks System


DC To Probe City Traffic Lights After Man Hacks System

Washington, D.C. will conduct an audit of its traffic light grid to test its vulnerability. City officials will launch the audit this summer to identify the traffic light system’s potential weaknesses. 

It was reported that the alleged hacker conducted his experiment using only a laptop and was able to turn red lights to green, or green lights to red, within minutes. He then brought it to the attention of the company that designs traffic sensors for the city, but he was ignored and started blogging about what he claimed to be a major security lapse on the traffic light system.

System easy to hack

According to the hacker, the vulnerabilities he found on the system allowed anyone to take complete control of the system’s device and create a traffic mess. This would eventually affect the city’s infrastructure causing chaos in the streets and hurt economic productivity. The hacker also claimed that once a device is compromised it is very difficult and expensive to detect. The District’s Department of Transportation, though, said these claims are simply not true and that it would be impossible for a hacker to switch the color of lights because the wireless sensor would only allow him to request a green light.

True or not, it is a good thing they are conducting an assessment of their system which will not only strengthen security but also eliminate the fear of possible turmoil in the streets.

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