Analecta Cyber Company Blog: December 2015


Starwood warns of data breach at 54 hotels

The American hotel company Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide Inc. recently disclosed that debit and credit card information for customers who dined or shopped at 54 of its hotels was compromised by hackers.


ALERT: New Ransomware steal passwords before encrypting files

Angler, considered to be the world's worst exploit kit, had just got an upgrade. And everyone is being warned not to visit poorly-secured websites as this could lead to alarming results. The upgrade to Angler allows hackers to develop and conduct their own drive-by attacks on visitors' computers with relatively no difficulty.


Serious flaw exposes 6.1 million mobile devices to remote code execution

More and more hackers nowadays are capable of finding flaws in systems to take advantage of and gain access to something valuable. To fight back, companies are exerting more efforts to mitigate such attacks from even happening. Or so the companies say.


OS X utility MacKeeper hacked: 21GB from 13 million accounts exposed

MacKeeper is a utility software suite specifically created for Mac OS X. It is a performance and security suite initially developed by Zeobit in 2009 but was sold to Kromtech Alliance Corporation in April 2013.


The VTech data breach shows kids are just as vulnerable to hacking

VTech is a world leader of age-appropriate learning products. They are the creator of the Electronic Learning Products (ELP) category and the award-winning InnoTab, MobiGo, and V. Reader handheld toys.


Three men charged in biggest bank hack in history

JPMorgan Chase, which as one of the world’s biggest banks controls assets of more than $2.59 trillion, has suffered the largest hacking attack in financial history. The attack put approximately half a million of the bank’s prepaid cash card holders at risk of having personal financial data exposed.


Vodafone customers' bank details accessed in hack

Since an attack to mobile service provider TalkTalk was exposed, another hack of a multinational telecommunications company has come to light.

This time, Vodafone's customers were the ones affected. The company admitted that personal details of up to 2,000 of its customers may have been stolen and accessed by hackers.


Hacker ‘Mr. Grey” steals 1.2 billion passwords

A hacker  who goes by the name Mr. Grey was able to harvest more than 1.2 billion login passwords for online accounts. According to the FBI, the hacker is believed to have acted alone but it’s possible the name represents a collective of hackers.


High school student hacks into CIA director's AOL account

Some concerning reports have recently surfaced regarding Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan. As embarrassing as it may seem, his personal AOL email account has been hacked. Even more astonishing, an American high school student has taken credit for the hack, under the Twitter name "Crackas With Attitude".