Analecta Cyber Company Blog: York Hospital reports data breach affecting its employees


York Hospital reports data breach affecting its employees

York Hospital reported to the FBI an incident involving a breach with hundreds of its employees' personal information. Cyber criminals gain access to its hospital comprised of four campuses in York County and they have gathered data including the Social Security numbers of employees.

According to the hospital's spokesperson, sensitive information that was compromised consist of names, addresses, Social Security numbers and also wages of the hospital staff for the year 2015. Cyber criminals were able to access all of this information when they hack the computer network of the facility.

The incident happened a month ago and as an immediate response, the hospital directly reported the event to the Boston office of the FBI. They are currently undertaking the investigation.

On a good note, patient health information appeared to be unharmed because it was stored on a separate system from the staff's employment information. It wasn't clear whether the hackers particularly targeted these data but was not able to access them. This may even be a case where there was no specific target, because any information can be used as a commodity in their own market. It was also believed that no medical information of York Hospital staff was compromised.

Employees given help

Additionally, the spokesperson stated that employees hired this year were not affected. Only those staff, which includes doctors and nurses, who were employed by the hospital last year, 2015, were affected by the breach.

The hospital has expressed its heartfelt apology to its staff who were affected by this incident. At present, there were a total of about 1,400 employees in the York Hospital including all four of its campuses located in Wells, Berwick, Kittery and South Berwick.

As support for their employees, there will be an identity theft security and mitigation services provided to all staff members for free. So for the whole year, credit rankings, bank accounts and IRS status of the affected employees will be protected.

Up to this point, no evidence of any criminal activity or identity fraud has surfaced since the discovery of the data breach, as disclosed by the authorities.

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