Analecta Cyber Company Blog: 2.2 Million patient records breached at Cancer Treatment Center


2.2 Million patient records breached at Cancer Treatment Center

The 21st Century Oncology Holdings, a cancer treatment center, lost control of healthcare records for more than 2 million patients in a data breach discovered on March 4th this year.  The FBI and a team of forensics investigators are investigating the case. So far they have learned that the hackers were able to steal important patient information including patient names, treatment & insurance details, physician’s names and social security numbers.

The hackers gained access to critical patient record databases in October. Over the next month they were able to identify, collect and extract the PHI data.

21st Century Oncology Holdings operates in 145 cancer treatment centers in the U.S. as well as 36 more in South America. There are no reported incidents yet of misuse of the affected patients' ePHI. The investigation of the data breach is still in-progress and authorities are still trying to understand the severity of the breach.

Patients affected by the breach are being offered one year of identity theft protection services. The company promised to strengthen it's cyber security by adding protection layers and new defensive measures in the network.

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