Analecta Cyber Company Blog: September 2016


Record High Ransomware Hit the U.S. Healthcare Entities

A new report discovered that cybercriminals are slamming healthcare with treacherous ransomware. The 2nd quarter of the year was plagued with ransomware, CryptoWall being the most common type of malware identified.

In the 2nd quarter of 2016, a research study by the Security Engineering Research Team Quarterly Threat Report reviewed various U.S. industries including healthcare, retail, finance, education and technology. The report concludes that healthcare organizations took an enormous 88 percent of all ransomware infections.


Getting Serious about Healthcare Cybersecurity

Let's get serious about Healthcare Cybersecurity.

Healthcare organizations can't afford to remain on the receiving end of cyber attacks. Healthcare is at the top of the list of industries targeted by cybercrime. Hackers are increasingly exploiting healthcare practices to obtain sensitive patient information that can be traded up or used for substantial financial gains. Ransoms, extortion schemes and selling stolen data on the black market all provide incredible financial incentives for hackers - and they're continuing to bring in huge gains.

Data Encryption Methods and Patient Privacy

Data security and encryption technology solutions are some of the most critical topics that technology providers explore for deployment of healthcare information technology systems. High level encryption is a simple and efficient way for patients to safely access data and for physicians to communicate with one another and their patients. Many medical practices are taking advantage of technology to significantly improves patient healthcare.