Analecta Cyber Company Blog: August 2018


Data Classification 101: Protecting Data Based on the Function It Serves

Data Classification 101 - The Basics - Analecta LLC Graphic The NIST Cybersecurity Framework calls upon business owners and IT managers to ensure that “resources are prioritized based on their classification, criticality and business value.” Classification may be simple to understand in terms of hardware and devices, but may not be intuitive when it comes to data. 


Putting Information Security on Everyone’s Mind

Puting information security on everyone's mind - Analecta LLC graphic banner Employees are one of the biggest threats to your company’s information system security. This isn’t a matter of insider threats or malicious actions to sabotage the company; it’s from accidental, unrealized actions that occur on a daily basis:
  • Forgetting to lock their computer
  • Poor password management
  • Opening malicious email attachments
  • Downloading unauthorized software