Analecta Cyber Company Blog: December 2018


New Year's Resolutions for Cybersecurity Best Practices

After the ball has dropped and all of the confetti has been cleaned up, there’s only one more thing to do - jump into 2019 with a renewed focus on cybersecurity by adopting the following New Year’s resolutions!


Holiday Greeting - 2018, 2019 and Remembering What it's All About

Security is about people - Analecta Happy Holiday banner
Congratulations! You've reached the end of the year and it's time to take a moment to consider your cybersecurity wins of 2018, set goals for 2019 and remember what it's all about.


Analecta’s “The Twelve Days of Cybersecurity”

Analecta Cyber Twelve days of Cybersecurity - Christmas socks hanging Analecta's twelve days of cybersecurity banner With the holidays fast approaching, it is understandable that some people may be more focused on travel plans and gift purchases than keeping their organizations secure from cyber threats. This version of a holiday classic will keep you in a festive spirit while reminding you about specific cyber concerns, and how to prevent cyber threats to your company.


Improving Your Recovery Process After a Cyber Incident

Improving Your Recovery Process After a Cyber Incident - Computer keyboard graphic Improving your recovery process after a cyber incident - Analecta LLC graphic After you encounter your first cyber incident and realize within minutes that you didn’t create a recovery plan, PANIC!!!

Blame yourself for not having the foresight, time or resources to give this any pre-thought.
Curse the hackers and/or start feeling paranoid that it might have been an inside job.
Be angry at yourself or even that sweet person in accounting who opened the bogus email attachment that gave access to company assets and client personal information on the dark web.
Fear telling your boss, their boss and the owner of the company.
Become anxious at the thought of the stockholders and the government regulators, to whom you now need to report this breach... the customers... the loss of revenue…


When a Locked Door Isn’t Enough: Controlling Physical Access to Information Systems

being secure enough - dog in front door graphic Controlling physical access to information system banner - Analecta LLC graphic It is vital to keep attackers from finding ways to access your data remotely, but it is equally important to keep them from exfiltrating data through direct physical access. Physical security should safeguard your equipment, resources and other assets to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to those company assets.