Analecta Cyber Company Blog: April 2019


Patch Management: Stay Ahead by Planning Ahead

patch management challenges - Analecta LLC graphic Patch management, Plan ahead - Analecta Graphic
Hackers exploit the fact that many businesses do not update their software as often as they should. Zero-day exploits, ones that have not been discovered by the software developers yet, sound flashy and make for exciting news stories. However, it is easier to develop or use an exploit against a known vulnerability. If you lack proper patch and vulnerability management plans, you could be potentially giving cyber criminals free access to your data.


Stay Ahead of Risk: Making a Better Risk Assessment

keeping balance between risk assessment and business impact analysis - Analecta Cyber Graphic Stay ahead of risk: Making a better risk assessment - Analecta Cyber graphic banner
The risk assessment process is more meaningful and effective when you understand the potential business impacts of a cybersecurity event and the likelihood of these events occurring. It is not possible to predict all potential cybersecurity attacks or vulnerabilities. However, if you identify the events that can have an impact on your company and prioritize your security efforts based on the likelihood of those events happening, your business will have a stronger cybersecurity posture.


Ensuring Accountability: Define Detection Roles and Responsibilities

Cybersecurity in apple ipad - Ensuring Accountability: Define Detection Roles and Responsibilities Ensuring Accountability: Define Detection Roles and Responsibilities - Analecta Cyber Graphic banner Sound detection processes make a world of difference when it comes to making your organization more secure. Technical solutions ─ such as firewalls and antivirus software ─ take on much of the hard work, but it is also important to clearly define detection roles and responsibilities. Placing a named person with these clearly defined roles and responsibilities increases detection and process efficiency, and ensures accountability in case the process fails.  


The Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management Processes: Bringing Everyone On Board

Supply chain risk management processes graphic - Analecta LLC Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management Processes - Analecta LLC Graphic banner
Cybersecurity should never be viewed as only an IT issue. Every department needs to consider what it can do to make the organization more cyber secure. And with a supply chain, even more cyber risks are posed due to its multifaceted design. If a cyber supply chain is compromised, some of the devices that were meant to protect your business from harm may be the exact ones that cause the most damage.