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NIST Cybersecurity Framework Category: Detect

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Organizations must have the capability to detect and identify potential cybersecurity threats in compliance with this function. The process enables the company to implement an action plan to respond to the impending threat.

Cybersecurity in apple ipad - Ensuring Accountability: Define Detection Roles and Responsibilities2019-04-09 | NIST > Detect
Ensuring Accountability: Define Detection Roles and Responsibilities
Who in your company is managing your Cybersecurity efforts? If it is the CEO, the multi-hat-wearing sys admin or no one, we need to talk! A dedicated Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is crucial in designing and retaining a secure posture for the entire company.

Log aggregators - logging best practices graphic2019-01-08 | NIST > Detect
Log Aggregators: Deciding Between Off the Shelf or Rolling Your Own
Logging gives information about your internal network so you can quickly identify malicious events. However, anomalies cannot be detected unless logs are being audited. It is far more effective to find trends across more complete datasets, rather than examining individual logs.

Cloud computing and storage technology - Aerial view of the building, clouds above2018-11-27 | NIST > Detect
Cloud Computing and Storage Technology That’s Down to Earth
Global cloud computing and storage solutions provide a secure and cost-effective means for companies to build and grow to meet ever-demanding needs from their customers.

Protecting your network from ransomware - Ransomware victim screen2018-11-20 | NIST > Detect
Protecting Your Network From Ransomware
Two things to remember above all else: 1) The IRS does not make phone calls and 2) the FBI doesn’t tell you to pay a fine to unlock your files. The image on the left is a bogus popup stating that your machine has been locked by the FBI and that you must pay a fine to unlock it or face arrest and jail time.

 Carefully Testing your Antivirus Software on the Web graphic - Analecta LLC2018-10-09 | NIST > Detect
Carefully Testing your Antivirus Software on the Web
Web browsers should notify users when they navigate to a potentially malicious website. Google’s Chrome browser includes a red background to drive the point home.

Detecting malware using centralized antivirus management system graphic - Analecta LLC2018-10-02 | NIST > Detect
Detecting Malware Using a Centralized Antivirus Management System
SMBs are seeing more and more fake “Virus Detected” warnings that are usually ported via a website. Clicking on the “Update Now” button actually downloads the virus, trojan, worm or worse.

Don't ignore antivirus software warnings2018-09-25 | NIST > Detect
Don’t Ignore Antivirus Software Warnings
There is merit in knowing what your AV “Virus Detected” warnings look like. Many times, users will click on a bogus warning to remove infected files and actually download malware.

2018-05-15 | NIST > Detect
Defining Incident Thresholds Before They are Needed
Incident thresholds are pre-set conditions that help security personnel resolve risks to the business.

2018-05-08 | NIST > Detect
The Importance of Understanding Your company's Traffic Flow
NIST Cybersecurity Framework emphasizes knowing your network in intimate detail rather than knowing every possible threat that exists.

2018-05-01 | NIST > Detect
Improving the Intrusion Detection Process
Congratulations! You heeded the advice of implementing a security information and event monitoring (SIEM) system on your company's network, one that combines network monitoring and intrusion detection system (IDS) / intrusion protection system (IPS) alerts.

2018-04-24 | NIST > Detect
Using Network Monitoring to Identify Potential Security Threats
Hackers are targeting SMBs more often because they believe that these companies will be less likely to notice network attacks, let alone be equipped to handle them.

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