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NIST Cybersecurity Framework Category: Identify

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Compliance to identification requires an inventory of your company’s digital and physical assets. It includes knowing which pieces of the infrastructure are at risk or exposed to common cyber threats. A software inventory will also be important for managing updates.

Keeping the balance between Business Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis2019-04-16 | NIST > Identify
Stay Ahead of Risk: Making a Better Risk Assessment
Keeping balance: Deciding between Business Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis.

Supply Chain Graphic - Analecta LLC Cyber2019-04-02 | NIST > Identify
The Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management Processes: Bringing Everyone On Board
NIST recommends that businesses develop their defenses based on the idea that their systems will be breached at some point.

chain break graphic - Avoid supply chain compromise by using NIST Cybersecurity Risk Management Process2019-03-26 | NIST > Identify
Avoid Supply Chain Compromise by using the NIST Cybersecurity Risk Management Process
The operational successes of these supply chain linkages in business sectors and other entities are also determined by how well they handle and respond to cybersecurity challenges.

Incident Classification and your response plan graphic2019-01-22 | NIST > Identify
Establishing Your Company's INFOSEC Policy
It is important to customize the policy to fit your industry and business requirements. Most industries must account for specific data handling laws within the INFOSEC policy.

Identify your critical services, functions and dependencies - Analecta LLC Graphic2018-11-13 | NIST > Identify
Identify Your Critical Services, Functions and Dependencies
Your business comprises critical services and functions; protect these items first when implementing a cybersecurity plan.

Where does your company fit in critical infrastructure? Power lines graphic - Analecta LLC2018-11-06 | NIST > Identify
Where Does Your Company Fit in Critical Infrastructure?
According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 85% of our nation’s critical infrastructure is owned or operated by members of the private sector. Understanding that your industry is a component of the nation’s critical infrastructure may be straightforward.

FBI Public service announcement screenshot graphic2018-09-04 | NIST > Identify
Finding Additional Resources for Threat and Vulnerability Information
FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) publishes cyber actor and threat activity informational public service announcements. This May 2018 announcement reached numerous news outlets and warned of the havoc caused by hackers on routers and other network devices

data classification 101 protecting data based on the function it serves2018-08-28 | NIST > Identify
Data Classification 101: Protecting Data Based on the Function It Serves
The Government uses an information classification scheme to keep track of specific documents and how valuable they are with respect to the information they contain. This, in turn, classifies how they are protected, which parties have authority to access their contents, and more importantly, which parties should not have access.

2018-03-15 | NIST > Identity
Communicating Your company's Mission, Objectives and Activities for Optimal Cybersecurity
The organization's mission, objectives, stakeholders and activities are understood and prioritized; this information is used to inform cybersecurity roles, responsibilities, and risk management decisions.

2018-03-06 | NIST > Identify
Making Sense of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework: Why you need an asset inventory for managing cyber risk
Organizations need to be able to identify, protect and manage anything that is required to conduct business. Content necessary for effective accountability of information system components should include, hardware, network information and software specifications.

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