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NIST Cybersecurity Framework Category: Recover

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When an attack penetrates your organization’s defense, pre-determined contingency activities are implemented to continue normal operations. Incident recovery teams gather evidence, data points and lessons learned. These are translated into knowledge for potential future events.

Improving your recovery process after a cyber incident - Computer keyboard graphic2018-12-11 | NIST > Recover
Improving Your Recovery Process After a Cyber Incident
After you encounter your first cyber incident and have implemented your pre-existing recovery plan, it’s important to take a step back and see what happened.

2018-07-10 | NIST > Recover
Keep Calm and Follow Your Response Plan
A data breach or attack can take a variety of forms. Knowing the network ahead of time and understanding how the traffic looks during normal operations will help the team use anomalies to identify where the attacker may be located.

2018-07-03 | NIST > Recover
A Full Program Perspective on Developing Your Recovery Plan
When a cyber incident strikes your company's information systems, critical business functions become jeopardized. The longer it takes to get back on track, the more devastating it can be to the organization.

2018-06-26 | NIST > Recover
Repairing Your Reputation Following an Incident
Once a company's reputation has been marred by a cyber breach, it will take a tremendous amount of time to put the pieces back together. Mistakes in the past become important lessons learned. Leveraging them can create a better version of your security platform for future events.

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