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NIST Cybersecurity Framework Category: Respond

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Cybersecurity incidents strike at any time of the day or night. Your organization must be ready to take appropriate actions when these happens. With your preselected response team, execute your incident response plan and mitigation activities to stop the threat and prevent further damage.

Incident Classification and your response plan graphic2019-01-15 | NIST > Respond
Calling a Spade a Spade… Incident Classification and Your Response Plan
An Incident Severity Rating Matrix pairs the Likelihood of an event occurring in your environment to the Impact it will have on your networks and systems.

Understanding the impact of cyber incident - Analecta LLC graphic2018-10-30 | NIST > Respond
Fully Understanding the Impact and Potential Cost of a Cybersecurity Incident
Cyber criminals are skilled at concealing their work. Identifying the true impact of a cyber incident may require expert technical and business analysis.

Analecta LLC - Cyber Insurance Puzzle Graphic2018-10-23 | NIST > Respond
Protecting Your Company’s Data with Cyber Insurance
Notifying your insurance provider when you discover an incident is only one piece of the incident response puzzle. Find out what laws regarding notification apply to your industry and build them into your response plan.

2018-06-19 | NIST > Respond
Holding a Lessons Learned After Recovery
There is a high likelihood that your first incident response and recovery experience will only be the beginning of a string of events throughout the course of your career. Each incident recovery will provide you and your incident response team valuable information that you can incorporate into your ever-developing recovery plan.

2018-06-12 | NIST > Respond
Identifying New Vulnerabilities and Implementing Mitigations
The incident response process can only be considered complete when there is an effective mitigation in place and the threat has been fully expelled from the network.

2018-06-05 | NIST > Respond
Why Have a Detection Platform if You Ignore it?
If someone invests in the hardware and software, as well as a rule-update subscription, why would they just let the system keep running without tracking down the alerts that are generated?

2018-05-29 | NIST > Respond
Collaborating with Threat Sharing Groups
Information sharing and analysis organizations (ISAO) share cyber incident, threat and vulnerability info among its members. These organizations can be industry-based, sector-based, geography-based or any combination thereof.

2018-05-22 | NIST > Respond
Creating an Incident Response Plan
"We have a cyber incident. This is not a drill."Although this is not a declaration any business hopes to utter, the fact is we live in an era of nearly continuous data compromises.

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