Analecta Cyber Company Blog: $100,000 stolen in Baltimore credit card hack


$100,000 stolen in Baltimore credit card hack

Local residents switching to cash

Following the latest large-scale hack of Baltimore residents’ credit and debit card information, some local victims decided to switch from cards to cash for their personal purchases. It was reported that the number of complaints regarding fraudulent charges stemming from the hack have been between 350 and 400 cases after locals used their debit cards at one or more businesses in the Baltimore area. 

Damages estimated near $100,000

The total amount of unauthorized sales was estimated at around $100,000. Police were able to narrow down and confirm that 90 to 95 percent of the cards were processed through a single business in the area. Because of this, Baltimore’s local businesses continue to suffer, some of which have seen a loss in the number of customers. Since the reports about the hack came out, the owners of Liberty Tree Coffee & Tea (201 W. Market St. in Baltimore) said they have seen business drop. They are also Baltimore residents and have been strickly using cash since hearing back the extensive hack, because they are still uncertain about using their credit or debit cards. “In this situation, the businesses are as much a victim as the card holders” the Baltimore Police Chief Michael Tussey. Another business owner in the Baltimore’s area, who owns Schaffner’s Drive In (601 W. Market St.) and PT’s Beverage Station (522 N. Main St.) was feeling the effect of the hack. Like many other local business owners, he noticed more customers using cash. 

Problems from company computers

They had to wipe out their hard drive as a momentary solution. Due to the degree of hacking-related cases, the local police had asked for assistance from the FBI to track down the people behind the hack. Details of the investigations had not been released, including how and where it originated. The only clear thing at the moment is that both business owners and residents are the ones suffering as a result of these circumstances.

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