Analecta Cyber Company Blog: Local Maryland ABC station's phone system hacked


Local Maryland ABC station's phone system hacked

Hackers were able to access channel 47 ABC's phone system. The company, based in Salisbury, Maryland, was hacked during its celebration of the Fourth of July. According to an interview with the president of Maloney Telecom Inc., a wave of phone hacking has happened particularly to hotels and larger businesses. He added that hackers appear to target the phone's voice server to somehow get access to their target's voice mail systems which are usually interconnected. He added that, if the system was left unprotected by passwords, their server can be accessed remotely and could be hacked.

This means that the phone system only served as a transition point to the cyber criminal’s main objective. This allows them to make outgoing calls, often internationally. Hackers go through this process so they won’t be paying long distance charges specially when calling their family and friends abroad. In some cases, they utilize it to do business abroad linked with another scam in which they make money by selling calling services to other international hackers.

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