Analecta Cyber Company Blog: Startup Maryland’s Website Hacked


Startup Maryland’s Website Hacked

Midway through its second quarter, the website for Startup Maryland was hacked and replaced with a message seemingly meant to encourage people to take up Islam.

Instead of the company's regular site, the page displayed a static image that appeared to be a cartoon illustration of a sunset over a mosque. Below the image was a cryptic message, written possibly in Turkish or Azerbaijani, referencing Islam. The website featured the phrase "hacked by TuRal" and a pair of phrases that meant “I invite you to Islam, the right to peace and…” as interpreted by Google Translate.

The founder and CEO of Startup Maryland said the hack was possibly the result of a WordPress security update that wasn’t properly installed. The website was back up and running smoothly within the same day.

Startup Maryland aims to be a platform for connecting the state’s community of entrepreneurs, investors, startup enthusiasts and business leaders. Those potentially far-reaching contacts have helped make the firm an attractive target for hackers.

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