Analecta Cyber Company Blog: Vodafone customers' bank details accessed in hack


Vodafone customers' bank details accessed in hack

Since an attack to mobile service provider TalkTalk was exposed, another hack of a multinational telecommunications company has come to light.

This time, Vodafone's customers were the ones affected. The company admitted that personal details of up to 2,000 of its customers may have been stolen and accessed by hackers.

The company disclosed that 1,827 accounts were compromised. The stolen sensitive information included customers’ names, mobile numbers, bank sort codes and the last four digits of the customer's bank accounts.

A spokesman from the mobile phone provider said that the hacking was made through email addresses and passwords acquired from an unknown source external to Vodafone and that their systems were not compromised or breached in any way.

No credit card info stolen

Vodafone immediately began an investigation and informed the National Crime Agency and the Information Commissioner’s Office a day after an attempt had been made by the hackers. They immediately clarified that no credit or debit card details were accessed and that the information accessed by the criminals would not be sufficient to directly access customers’ bank accounts.

But the company also warned the affected 1,827 customers that they can be a victim to fraud or phishing schemes, so suggested customers remain vigilant in every way possible. The customers’ accounts have been blocked and Vodafone assisted them in changing their account details. The company also contacted the banks involved in the incident to alert them.

This hacking on mobile phone providers was the third in just the past eight months that resulted in customers’ information being stolen. These incidents did not just affect the companies that were targeted. They also caused fear and trouble for the customers that were victimized.

If these doesn’t come to an end, the consumers might end up losing trust in these companies amidst fear that their personal information isn’t safe enough.

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