Analecta Cyber Company Blog: Medical Devices are Secure, says Saint Jude Medical


Medical Devices are Secure, says Saint Jude Medical

Recent reports surfaced about the security vulnerability of St. Jude Medical’s pacemakers and heart devices. Thereafter, speculations emerged that the investment and cyber security research firms are taking advantage of the information to profit in short-selling its stocks and benefiting from the bad news.

St. Jude Medical is standing its ground against the allegations made by Muddy Waters Capital and Security Researcher MedSec. The company have engaged the services of a third-party, which then confirmed that its devices are safe and secured against hacking and other cyber security threats. Apart from that, it is also supported through our regulatory submissions claims St. Jude Medical.

On Monday, Muddy Waters called St. Jude’s response as 80 percent fluff and 20 percent substance while MedSec has not change its stance against St. Jude’s device ecosystem for its lack of security.
Bloomberg reported that Muddy Waters Capital is profiting from the bad news about the security problems in the device.

According to the MedSec CEO Justine Bone that St. Jude Medical have known about the security issues for 3 years

“It is apparent from the lack of security protections or mechanisms in their product line that very little action has been taken,” Bone said.

Muddy waters added that its devices are vulnerable when the device’s system is crashed and when the battery is drained. St Jude assert that its software are properly assessed and evaluated by several researchers as well as an independent organizations including Optiv and Deloitte.

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