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Cloud Computing and Storage Technology That’s Down to Earth

Cloud computing and storage technology - aerial shot of the building Cloud computing and storage technology banner - Analecta LLC Cloud computing yields a pivotal shift in sophisticated data storage and technology from more conventional ones. According to Forrester’s 2018 Predictions, there is a $178B (yes, that’s a “B”) market on the current global public cloud platform, which is predicted to rise at a yearly rate of 27% over the next several years. How do cloud servers compare, are they worth it in the long run, and will they be an asset to your company?

Many companies are considering moving away from traditional in-house servers and storage to a more global framework. Cloud computing makes sense in this endeavor to maximize benefits, save costs and pretty much, have another entity manage your software. But not all cloud services are the same. Here we break down what the differences are and give examples of products you may already be familiar with.

The major flavors of cloud computing service categories

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) - Users can access business software from anywhere with any device at anytime via the internet. This eliminates the need to install necessary software on office workstations. Salesforce, Office 365 and GoToMeeting are examples of a SaaS-based applications.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) - This service gets your workforce equipped with the necessary tools and resources to develop and deploy apps, all in the cloud environment. Services offered in Windows Azure,, OpenShift and Heroku are considered as PaaS.
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) - Instead of acquiring new hardware, companies can keep the cost low through the procurement of a consumption-based service paradigm. Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Joyent are good examples of Infrastructure as a Service.
Cloud computing and storage technology - aerial shot of the building
Global cloud computing and storage solutions provide a secure and cost-effective means for  companies to build and grow to meet ever-demanding needs from their customers. 

Benefits of Cloud Computing and Storage Technology

As your business grows, you may be feeling the enormous pressure of an ever-increasing volume of data storage, that is secure but that won’t break the bank. The gap between these infrastructure limitations could be bridged by the seamless, competitive edge of cloud computing technology. Let’s take a look at how it can add value to your business:

Cost effectiveness: The absence of physical hardware removes the need to acquire servers, storage units, computers, maintenance and staffers. Considering how much it costs to “own a space in the cloud,” service providers are generally offering superior package rates, as the full cost can be distributed among several businesses.

Top-notch security: Consider sudden data loss if one of your storage centers fails or is compromised. This is a crucial situation that need thorough planning in your incident response protocol. When you store data in the cloud, you are relying on the credibility, integrity and postured security of your service provider. Your data is housed in an enterprise-level security data center. Cloud storage guarantees optimum encryption security for both data in motion and data at rest.

Convenience: Your data is accessible from anywhere at anytime. You can effortlessly access important data at the office, at a client’s office, at home or while on travel. You are reducing costly overhead charges while maximizing efficiency and productivity in return.

Controlled data space: You have the option to limit cloud space capacity based on your required needs. You can easily adjust your cloud service provider subscription when more storage space is required for your company’s growing data.

Worry-free backups: While backing up data with local storage is a tedious process, cloud storage solves this problem with redundancy measures and automatic backups to multiple cloud servers. No more business disruptions caused by server crashes or malfunctions.

Team collaboration and increased productivity: Cloud storage allows employee access to shared project files, making it easy to collaborate, communicate and deliver on projects. 

Security: Are there risks with cloud computing and is it an acceptable risk given the benefits?

The concept of investing in the stock market comes with risks as well as an opportunity for growth. The same principle applies with investing in the cloud. When dealing with cloud computing, businesses should be aware of the following:
  • Stolen credentials. Malicious actors are always on the lookout for opportunities to infiltrate your security. When these criminals take a hold of your credentials, they will access your cloud storage and mess with your data which could be a huge breach to your client information.
  • Insider threat or abuse of unauthorized access. Any staff or administrator who exploits the cloud access may cause irreversible damage to data confidentiality and integrity. Insider threats can also potentially escalate to a major data breach.
  • Loss of data. Other than malicious attacks, losing data may be caused by an accidental deletion of files by the service provider or physical damage of cloud storage due to natural catastrophes.
Talk to your stakeholders to see if cloud services and/or cloud storage are right for your business. Despite the risks (that are there with in-house server and database management), cloud technology allows the opportunity for a less expensive, more stable and more secure application and data storage environment. It is an excellent addition to a secure cybersecurity posture. For more information on how to better incorporate cloud storage considerations into your cybersecurity plan or if you have any cybersecurity questions, email us at or visit our Cybersecurity website.

Analecta Cyber is a Maryland-based cybersecurity firm providing cyber risk assessments for small and medium sized businesses. Analecta is a trusted partner to help companies achieve their cybersecurity objectives.

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